Friday 10th October

Hi all. This is my first post. We are home since yesterday. Oisin arrived home to very cool hotwheels ramp with loops!! He is just back from a wheelbarrow ride down the fields of the farm here in Ballymore. Sandra just popped in to visit…. So this can be a diary but please feel free to post away with all your ideas just like you did with facebook….


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5 Responses to Friday 10th October

  1. Claire McAteer says:

    Hi All,

    If you wish to donate money to Oisins Wishlist Fund,
    You can do so via paypal.
    Sheila and Barry’s account name is:

    If you don’t have a PayPal account, it takes 10 minutes to set up and you will need to attach either bank or credit card details.

    This money will ensure that Oisin is able to fufill all of the wonderful experiences that you have all thought of for him. It will also enable Sheila and Barry to buy some wonderful sensory equipment – similar to those in Temple Street Hospital, which Oisin has had his eye on!

    Overall , any funds raised will offer some practical support to Barry, Sheila, Oisin and Cillian during this devastating time.

    Thanks all for reading:)

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  2. What a lovely idea, how helpful of you Claire to set this up

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  3. Aileen says:

    Beautifully brave Sheila ….my thoughts and heart are with you and your family xx


  4. Sandra says:

    Gorgeous photo of oisin. Luke really enjoyed his visit. He usually has to play with dolls at kates play dates. The hot wheels loop he thought was amazing. Thanks cilly and oisin for sharing all your toys. Luke asked if we could go to o’s house today. Good job he didn’t adventure out to the farm. You’d have a new resident.
    Hope you have an amazing time in Disney.x


  5. Nicola says:

    What about looking at the stars – either at a planetarium or in the night sky. Also, Dolphin watching and a dance show on the stage.


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