Saturday 11th October: Oisin takes flight!!

For all those “Planes” fans out there, today Oisin went up in “Dusty” the plane, a gorgeous 4 seater plane organised by our dear friends Gavin, Christina and Calvin. For those that don’t know her, Christina was our first childminder when we arrived in Cork and she also became a dear friend of mine. Her sweet little boy, Calvin, fast became one of Oisin’s closest friends. Thank you guys for a very memorable day. Oisin loved it. He soared off into the sky with his little brother, Cilly, and particularly enjoyed wearing the ear muffs, “All clear for take off, over!” Mummy and daddy enjoyed a ride too. A memory to treasure and very definitely a beautiful day today xx

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6 Responses to Saturday 11th October: Oisin takes flight!!

  1. Karen says:

    Wow, what an amazing experience. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow


  2. Karen Browning says:

    That’s a fabulous trip! And perfect day for it. So glad you all had a great time xx


  3. Louise Dickson says:

    Sounds like a most beautiful day xxx


  4. Christina Mulligan says:

    Thank you for a very beautiful post! Thank you all for allowing us to share such a beautiful day with you all. Totally warmed my heart to see the boys soo happy, and to see Oisin smile, laugh and run around with Calvin. Beautiful memories that I know we will treasure forever. Xxx


  5. Helen says:

    Wow! I bet the boys had a wonderful time xxx


  6. Helen says:

    What an amazing experience! xxx


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