Sunday 12th October – “I left my heart in Dún Laoghaire” and Fire Man Oisin and friends!

Today we went back to where Oisin spent the first couple of years of his life. It is a very special place by the sea and it is where we made the most beautiful friends. We love you Dun Laoghaire! I am soooo happy that I met the amazing mums and dads and children through the Dun Laoghaire Breast Feeding Clinic. I’m sure many of the girls will recall that Oisin arrived in the world 5 weeks early and I went through many weeks of very difficult breastfeeding. Oisin thrived, however, and developed into a very bright and very verbal little boy indeed 🙂

So today we were back in Dun Laoghaire. It was teaming with life as always and full of its usual tourism and community spirit. We stopped first at Noni, Hecki, YoYo and BB’s sea side apartment (I use their nicknames deliberately here – it so fits their wonderful playful spirits). There is always a very heart felt welcome with the family Ringholz. We demolished a yummy German breakfast before meeting my sister Lisa, Unlce Andy and Cousin Joseph who had just arrived in from Leeds, UK. Oisin has a very special connection with Joseph. They held hands all the way to the park and were inseparable all day.

It was market day in the park and the sun had brought out a huge number of people. Oisin has many many friends, and they were all there to say a big Hello and spend a sunny morning playing with play doh (thanks Rita!) around a picnic table. It was so lovely to see all our friends and catch up with them. We LOVE you guys!

So along came the afternoon before we knew it and up we went to the local Fire Station for Oisin’s surprise tour (thanks team Houston!!). First up was the fire hose and each of the kids had a go at blasting some water. This sure helped wake Oisin up a bit more after his sleep! Then daddy, Oisin, Cilly, Ella, Joseph, me and Gareth hopped into the Fire Engine for a spin. Boy can those engines go fast!! The fire crew were so attentive and welcoming. We had a fab time and much thanks to all the crew.

Back home in Ballymore the boys ate a very yummy dinner, played and opened more gifts from Joseph, Auntie Lisa and Uncle Andy. Particularly lovin’ the glow in the dark balloons and voice activated car!!!  Another beautiful day.

Goodnight all, Love Sheila xxx



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2 Responses to Sunday 12th October – “I left my heart in Dún Laoghaire” and Fire Man Oisin and friends!

  1. Karen says:

    What a beautiful day in the park and I am so happy that the trip to the fire station went well. sending love your way, karen


  2. Henning Ringholz says:

    It was a lovely, lovely day!


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