16 October – Reptile man and a box of fun!

Today my dear Cork mum friends came up and had prepared a very unusual treat – a reptile man came to Ballymore! Out came about 10 scaly reptiles much to the delight of the children and much to the horror of the adults!! Granny stayed safely behind the door and I doubt Barry and Uncle Bren reached the high pitched shrieks we heard today since before their voices broke. (Ladies would you please calm down!). The children though, eagerly held out their hands to have snakes, lizards and tortoises slither and slide across their little palms. What a delight to see! Fortunately the scorpion, croc and giant bull frog stayed safely away from little fingers – did you know that bull frogs had one hundred teeth and have no bother swallowing down a sizable snake for dinner!!

After a check that all reptiles were safely out of the house (and no mischievous spider was trying to sneak a little holiday at the Boland farm), another box of surprises awaited Oisin and Cilly. This was the cleverly named the “Boland box of fun” complete with art, craft and sensory materials and two backpacks of “stuff” to entertain the bouncy boys on their flight to Euro Disney this weekend. What a fun, creative and thoughtful gift, ladies. Thank you sooooo much. xxx

I cannot say good night without a mention to my dear colleague Orla and the mental health team I have been working as a clinical psychologist with since January.  I was moved to tears receiving your donation and the beautiful box of experience ideas. Thank you. Orla you picked very well –  Cilly and Oisin both sleep peacefully in their new Disney PJs – they couldn’t, of course, wait until Sunday 🙂

Good night all, Sheila x

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7 Responses to 16 October – Reptile man and a box of fun!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I can’t believe you already have pictures up – thank you for a wonderful afternoon, we all loved it & apologies to Granny for frightening her again!

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  2. jacquieb35 says:

    It was fantastic to see how the kids all enjoyed it! Huge thanks to the Bolands for welcoming us so warmly xxx

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  3. Fi O'Meara says:

    Ah Sheila. Super fun at your house!! It was one of the suggestions we had for you as a treat from enable Ireland crew… We’ll have to come up with another idea!! Looks like the boys had a super time x

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  4. Triona Quinn says:

    Thanks again for having us up to Ballymore, it was lovely to see you guys and a fun afternoon was had by all. Cathal has spent the morning talking about the fun he had with his buddies, his favourite parts were painting with Oisín and holding baby Oisín the tortoise. xx

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  5. Nora Crowley Barry says:

    Your blog reads beautifully thank you for sharing your very special experiences .
    Thinking about you all daily.


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