18 October – Pre-Disney Hype with Uncle Ger

Today we are getting very excited as we pack for Euro Disney. We have a lovely driver, Martin, who is giving his time to bring us to the airport. Then Gerry in the airport security (thanks for the contacts Edel and Roisin) is going to guide us through the check in and get us all safely and smoothly on the plane. Whoop whoop!!

Uncle Ger drove up from Tip to  join in the pre-disney build up. He came with sweet treats and crowns for our little princes, then took them for a spin in his jeep. Jenny from down the lane popped in with some in flight entertainment for the boys including a very handy DVD player – those boys need some serious entertaining on plains so thanks for adding to our stash of ways to keep Cilly and Oisin from tearing up and down the isles…..ok this is more Cilly who gives me this challenge. He’s a feisty little man. (I can even hear his voice in my head asserting right now, “NO mummy! I am NOT a little man. I am a little BOY!!! ). I kid you not.

Good night all xx

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7 Responses to 18 October – Pre-Disney Hype with Uncle Ger

  1. Brid Foley says:

    Hi Sheila,
    I love reading all you updates. It’s amazing how positive and upbeat they are. Sounds like the “make each day beautiful” campaign is a true success. I hope euro disney is the trip of a lifetime and all goes well. You are all in my thoughts
    Brid xx

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  2. Christina Mulligan says:

    Hope you all have an absolutely amazing time in EuroDisney. Can’t wait to read the blog updates! Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you from all of us xxx


  3. suzanne cogan says:

    Have a fab time especially chasing Cillian around Euro Disney! Lol! Oisin I hope you get to see Lightening McQueen, tell him to slow down – he drives too fast!!


  4. Morgan says:

    Hope you have all been having a fantastic time in Euro Disney and looking forward to reading all about your adventures on the blog. Really enjoyed spending last Sunday week with you at the fire station. Oodles of love, hopefully see you all soon. Morgan and Nadia. xxx


  5. veronique says:

    Thinking about you all constantly. Have a wonderful time at disney. We would love to see you all for something fun!!! I better put my thinking hat on. Much love and prayers. Veronique


  6. Jenna says:


    So great your blog is now established; to know it gives you strength is hugely important to me, but I know it will also be helping others in a similar situation to yourselves as well as helping those of us who are further away feel closer to you all.

    I hope Euro Disney has exceeded expectations. I look forward to the stories.

    Keep on posting, each day you continue to make beautiful inspires others.


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