23 October Thursday – The eagerly awaited Euro Disney Blog!

Hello all. So here it is. The Euro Disney Blog. I hope I do justice to this for all the people who made this possible…

On Sunday morning 19 Oct we were chauffeur driven to airport. Martin you made the journey so pleasant and smooth -glad you stayed for the cuppa ūüôā At Dublin airport we were fast tracked through security and soon on the plane. (Oh how I would love to have this¬†service every time we flew with the kids!!) Cute attacks all round as the two little fellas boarded the plane with their teeny back packs on their shoulders, toddling up the isle to take their plane seats. The little heads on them!! Cork ladies those in flight back packs ¬†worked a treat, especially for our ever characterful Cilly. Cilly gave out at having to wear his seat belt at take off and land but a few sweets and a “wibbly wobbly” later and both of them were giggling away. The little etcha sketch then took care of Cilly for the rest of the flight and a lend of Jenny’s DVD player entertained Oisin.

Landed smoothly, picked up and driven to the enormous Newport Bay hotel, based on a New England lakeside theme. Oisin was given a special badge that got us to the front of every queue in the Disney parks Рthis was the biggest perk of the trip if anyone has seen the size of all the queues! We also had a voucher for Cafe Mickey and a very special invite to mysteriously show up at the Disney service desk at 2pm on Tues???  After a very yummy all you can eat buffet, French style (i.e. bottle of great wine and very beautifully prepared food) we went to bed in our large and comfy family room, Cilly in with me and Oisin in with daddy!

Monday. After a breakfast in the hotel we made our way to the parks. Took us a while to figure them out and work out what rides and shows were suited to little kids. Anyway after that we headed to the park with all the little guy rides, skipped lunch queue with Oisin’s handy pass and tucked into pizza just as a Disney Halloween parade was coming past our table. Nice touch!! That was our first glimpse of Mickey, Donald and the others. It¬†already had Cilly waving frantically at Mickey shouting, “hi Mickey, hi Mickey” in a hope he might be heard from Mickey’s float!! ¬†A few rides later and it was off to Oisin’s¬†much awaited show of stunt cars, bike ramps and Oisin’s very favourite disney character – Lightening McQueen! Great show and sure enough Oisin got to see Lightening in a secret mission to catch a bad guy. Our own mission and why we went to Euro Disney had also been fulfilled… but we did think that meeting Lightening in person back stage might be the icing on the cake. It wasn’t to happen this day as we had to rush off to our pre-booked Cafe Mickey experience.

Dinner at Cafe Mickey was a highlight for us. I was particularly moved by the Disney characters and how much attention they gave Oisin . The lovable characters knew that Oisin’s badge meant he was a very special diner at their cafe. For those of you who don’t know, the general idea is you eat dinner whilst one by one the Disney characters walk around the tables and meet people, sign autographs and have photos taken. Pluto, the very lovable yellow dog, was the first character to come to us. Oisin threw his arms straight around him, which took me by surprise. I saw my precious boy and that soft, kind dog share¬†a beautiful exchange. I watched and sobbed. Then later along came Tigger, then Goofy and finally Mickey. Their characters were all so believable and just as I¬†hoped they would be from watching them on TV as a child. It was pure magic to see the boys share in these very special interactions with the characters; a memory for me to treasure. Especially Pluto’s hug.

Tuesday. We did the colourful and hugely entertaining show’s on Tuesday morning and much to Cilly’s pure joy, we met and got a gorgeous photo with Mickey mouse. ¬†Then came our big mystery surprise. At 2pm we headed over to the Disney service desk where a man, “Jorge,” ¬†dressed in a smart, black suit, greeted us. He was curious about what we had managed to see so far and remarked, “so you have seen Lightening, yes, but only from far away??” The icing on the cake was made possible, and sure enough Oisin’s mystery surprise was to meet Lightening after the stunt show. When it came to the crunch and Oisin was face to face with his hero, he seemed totally star struck. He went very quiet as ¬†he rubbed the famous red racing car and had his photos taken. After meeting Lightening we also got a bonus meet with Spider Man who had come all the way from New York and was super muscly!! Later we had dinner in the Rain forest Cafe complete with jungle animals, sounds and a waterfall. ¬†Still unsure how he experienced Lightening, we asked Oisin who his fave character of all of the Disney characters had been. He was still was very adamant there was only one guy for him. Lightening McQueen.

Wednesday. Last day today and we managed to get our morning in the park for a final show before waving goodbye to our memorable Disney experience. Back we went on the plane with the boy’s little back packs and a bonus trip into the cockpit with the pilot at the end of the flight. Nice finishing touch!! Another fast track through security and another lovely drive back to Ballymore with our friendly chauffeur, Martin. After a long day the boys were tired but sooooo happy to see their granny and grandad. Lightening McQueen ain’t a patch on the love our boys have for their granny and grandad!

A special thank you to Make a Wish for making this trip possible. As an organisation you are nothing short of incredible. May your valuable work continue.

Oisin and Pluto Hug

MORE PHOTOS: I have pasted in a link to Barry’s¬†dropbox below…

Click here to view Disneyland Paris

Good night xxx


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8 Responses to 23 October Thursday – The eagerly awaited Euro Disney Blog!

  1. what a beautiful book you are creating.


  2. Jenna says:

    Wow! Xxx


  3. Aileen says:

    Disney is amazing what a great experience for your boys and what great memories


  4. Rebecca says:

    What a trip, so glad it went so well. Photos& memories to treasure. X


  5. Fiona Ringholz says:

    Lovely to see guys – thanks for sharing this with us – it warms my heart to think of Oisin being in awe of his hero lightening mcqueen and getting to live out his dreams and imagination.


  6. Anna-May Tutty says:

    Sounds like a great trip you had and beautiful photos of the boys xxx


  7. deborah says:

    Dearest Sheila, what incredible images you paint and what beautiful memories for your precious family. Much love to you all xxxx


  8. Christina Mulligan says:

    Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing xx


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