Friday 24 October – A simple lovely day at home

We spent a simple day at home around the farm today. First up was opening up the delightful wooden bus toy sent from Elke (a particular hit with Cilly who is enjoying putting in the people and taking them out repeatedly). The boys went on their usual morning farm run with Grandad. I am often curious to know what they get up to so today I went along with them. Grandad pulled the two boys along on a toy red tractor (Cilly hops on the trailer at the back). First stop was Great Granny Boland’s house where Grandad grew up with his brothers and sisters. Grandad fetches her coal for her fire where she sits after her morning chores. Great Granny is affectionately known by some of the Grand kids as “Granny Tick Tock” because she sits in her chair by the fire and she often shows the children the clock that ticks above her. A very old and consistent clock, just like Granny Tick Tock! The boys drank milk and had a biscuit before heading off to climb the bales of hay with Grandad. They find this great fun and go up really high in the barn. After that they go to a shed and gather a bucket of nuts each, which they take to the field of sheep and put in the sheep’s trough. The hungry sheep gather around the two boys and gobble up the food. Very funny to see these little boys in the middle of the big, woolly sheep. Cilly got a bit cheeky then and started throwing food at the big, woolly sheep! One of the sheep is called “Buttons”, and the boys like a cuddle with him. Finally, Oisin hopped in the real tractor with Grandad and headed off back to the house, whilst Cilly traveled by toy tractor – in the front seat this time. Back home the lads enjoyed tucking into the mid-morning breakfast of black and white puddings and eggs. It’s a farmers life!

Barry and I left the boys back at the farm and spent the afternoon shopping in Blessington. What is usually a mundane enough activity is now a welcome escape into normality. Cilly is growing in every way and we got him new shoes in Blessington. Oisin got some Lightning McQueen shoes from Euro Disney that are a little too big for him. So today I got him racing car chequered laces to keep the slightly too big shoes on his feet.

Barry received news of a cake bake fund raiser for Oisin, from all of his friends and colleagues from University College Cork (UCC). An incredible amount was raised, so thank you very much for your generosity and what looked like scrumptious and very talented cake bake. A special thanks goes out to everyone who prepared food, helped organise and participated in the event, in particular Cliona, Sue and Frank (photos):  UCC Cake Sale Photos

Also want to shout out to my friends in Enable Ireland. I know there has been much work behind the scenes. I want you to know Oisin is referred into the Naas centre and all set up for his hydrotherapy sessions, which will undoubtedly benefit him. He has been asking me repeatedly if he can go swimming for the last few days. I wont make it there to the walk tomorrow but I will very much be thinking of you and hope you all have an enjoyable walk together. xxx

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2 Responses to Friday 24 October – A simple lovely day at home

  1. Fi O'Meara says:

    Sheila and Barry …
    loved hearing about the trip to Disneyland. Beautiful photos, I’m sure you’ll treasure those memories forever. I have a little man here next to me very excited about our trip to the beach to fly his butterfly kite for Oisin. Will keep you posted with photos from our outing xx


    • Great fi. I’m sure you will all have a lovely time. Weather seems to be holding up. Pics great for me to get them on to blog tonight. If you have drop box or want to email them. Whatever suits. Enjoy xxx

      Sheila 0863668874


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