Saturday 25 October – Halloweeny tweeny party

Some more of Oisin’s Cork friends visited today, my friends Colleen and Bethan and their children. So great to see you both, especially to meet your 2 week old little number 3, Bethan – congratulations. We went over for a halloweeny tweeny party at a cousin’s house (thanks F anf J) and their two gorgeous girls were all dressed up for the occasion.  There were pumpkins on the table and lots of spooky halloween decorations about the house. The kids had a really nice time and had great fun sliding down the slide onto the trampoline in the back garden! I also discovered a very handy pumpkin carving knife that will revolutionise my pumpkin carving experiences from here on!! Some of today’s highlights were seeing the girls in their spooky costumes, listening to Oisin C have a giggling fit after visiting the chicken coup and bonding with  Bethan and Colleen’s little girls who so warmed my heart the way they seemed to want to be around me today. I thank them for their intuition.

Meanwhile I know Enable Ireland were getting very excited about their butterfly beach walk for Oisin (see Fi with her little boy below). I can’t wait to hear all about it and post a blog with some pics.

Good night xx

Fi with butterfly wingsPumpkin

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