Sunday 26 October – A morning dig. An evening with the Slattery’s

No such thing as an extra hour in bed for us. Boys were up at 6 and rearing to go for their morning trip to the pit for a good old dig with some big machines. We met Uncle Bren’s old school buddy, Brian and his friends, Colin and John. John wanted to grab some family shots of the lads on his professional camera whilst Colin and Brian took the lads up on every type of machine. It’s thanks to all the machines books we have read to the lads over the year that we know Cilly and Oisin were up operating a digger, a dumper and a front loader. Cilly dug big holes and Oisin added to it by dumping a pile of rubble, then filled it all back in again with the front loader. Down time was spent engaged in their favourite activity of all, throwing stones into the big muddy puddles. Nice work for a morning, boys!!! Really great fun and very much looking forward to the moments that were captured by John, especially their time climbing the piles of rubble and getting thoroughly mucky. At the end the boys received a special toy digger so that they could carry on the fun at home. Thanks loads for this experience, Colin, Brian, John and Uncle Bren.

Sleeps and baths later, the boys received visits from the extended family. Jimmy and Mary paid a visit and the Slattery’s came too. I got  a welcome breath of fresh air on a spooky evening walk with Maire around Punchestown Race Course (neither of us knew where on earth we were going in the dark night but it was nice to get out…and thankfully find our way back!) Aidan and Aine won the prize for best pressies for the kids today-not one but two remote control cars for each boy to enjoy. Totally eliminated the rows about sharing. Phew and thanks! I have a great pic of the two fun loving Berkery sisters wearing “scream” masks and having a laugh with the boys (below).

Good luck to Aidan and  Kieran in the Dublin marathon tomorrow who are running in honor of Oisin. Thanks to all who donated as per link hereBoarding front loader Boys up on rock hill Digger Dumper truck Front loader in action lads with cars from A and ABoys do screamBerkery sisters

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  1. Granddad Wilton says:

    The past we know, understand and cherish with intimacy
    The future, good or bad, we can only leave to our imagination
    Therefore we must hold tight to the things we have today


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