Monday 27 October – Ponies and Pumpkins!

Today we got a kiddie sized pony delivered all the way from Kerry from our good family friends. Thanks guys. I saw Oisin’s face light up into a beaming smile as soon as he got up on the little smoky grey pony (currently and affectionately known as Lawn Mower!) Cilly wanted to call it “Pluto” or “Bumble.” We will keep you posted on the final name!  Oisin took a stroll on the Pony over to Great Granny Tick Tock’s house where she gave it a little pat before it headed off to it’s new home. It will stay in the field at the front with the 3 friendly sheep (one of them being Buttons as you may recall from previous post.)

The boys had a sleep and awoke to a visit from Bren’s friend, Dave. We enjoyed seeing you, Dave, and thank you for the Mickey mouse and Lightening gifts :). The boys then headed off to a Pumpkin Party in Lacken, Blessington, a few minutes from our house at the other side of the lake. This is where my friend Eleanor’s parents live and we were greeted by my class of 2007-2010 D. Clin. Psych buddies. The psychology training we went through brought us close together as a group and it was wonderful to see everyone with their families, all coming back together with ease and warmth in the way we always do.

A very beautifully thought out event unfolded for Oisin and his little friends. First up was hot chocolates and face painting. Cilly boldy stepped forward to be painted as a tiger (his usual), following by 4 willing (and less willing) Ninja Turtles Oisin, Oscar, Barry and Olly (nicely volunteered daddy and daddy to be!!) After I got my butterfly paint done beautifully by facepainter extraordinaire, Siobhan, we heard the chug chug sounds of a tractor bike complete with chariot (trailor) to carry the children around the fields. Olly drove and we all followed on up to the sheep. Cilly and Oisin happily fed the sheep their favourite polo mints, well used to feeding their own sheep with Grandad. The pigs were getting hungry too so we walked down and fed “Peaches” and “Kiwi” a nice bunch of carrots and celery. The children went back into the trailer and were driven to the next activity, the lantern lit pumpkin hunt through the woods. Oscar and Clari were particularly good at finding the pumpkins out from every well hidden nuck and cranny as we walked all the way around the wood to a hand crafted Ti-Pi, wherein lie the penultimate and most enormous Pumkin!! The final huge Pumkin lay embedded in a pile of leaves beside the Ti-Pi, much to the delight of the children who rolled around in the leaves. Amie, the sweet little angel she seems to be, decided to have her photo taken inside the pumpkin and it was that large it fitted the little bundle in her puffy snow suit perfectly 🙂 Afterwards the children boarded the trailer tractor for the final run down to the house, with Oisin at the driver’s seat!

Down in the welcoming home Julie had some of the children add to a “Mandala” with sparkles, glue, felt tips and all things delightful to a child and an adult. We chatted and ate the delicious and plentiful food that had been prepared. Then the grand finale (thanks, Catriona for your efforts here) we watched the colourful fire works and swirled little sparklers around in the air, all from the comfort and warmth of indoors. Luckily, Eleanor’s parents house was not blown up after all of these pyrotechnics and two tired boys had to say their farewell. Oh and before I close this piece just one very special moment to tell you about – as we were creating the Mandala, Julie noticed a real butterfly fluttering in the lampshade beside us and out flew a Red Admiral. What an amazing site on such a magic evening! Thanks for a creative, enchanting time with my much loved friends and your budding families. xxx Follow this link for pictures (includes pony!!)

The boys wearily headed home and had a final visit from Auntie Edel and Robbie (with much thanks and a warm hug to you both and to Hazel). They brought over some gifts and a beautiful bubble tube to add to the now up and running sensory room as of this evening (thanks Bren for getting the room started off so beautifully). The sensory room is upstairs in Barry’s childhood bedroom. There is a string of twinkly butterfly lights, a colourful star projector cube, a small lava bubble lamp and a comfy beanbag and cushions to sit on.

Below are the lovely pictures of the Enable Ireland beach walk. You all look like you had a really nice time on the beach. Those cakes look incredible. Still keeping up your high standard of baking excellence I see!


Well done to Aidan and Kieran for completing the Dublin Marathon today and for fund raising for Oisin. I hope Oisin and his incredible journey gave you the strength to keep going. It means a lot to us. xxx

Finally, Happy Birthday Mum xxxx

Finally finally, who sent the butterfly in a jar???? I still have not found our mystery person 🙂

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5 Responses to Monday 27 October – Ponies and Pumpkins!

  1. julie meehan says:

    Such a lovely bed time read to end an extraordinary day. I hope the Turtle and the Tiger are fast asleep after their choc a bloc day and Mama Bear and Dada Bear have their paws up. Elle’s mum Annie was saying that the Butterfly has been fluttering about for two weeks!! Coladh samh to one and all, blessings xxx


  2. Christina Mulligan says:

    What a beautiful read of a seemingly very special magical day. Sounds amazing. Love to ye all xx


  3. julie meehan says:

    Ps: the Butterfly walk on the beach looked so beautiful!


  4. Debbie says:

    Been following your blog and just wanted to send a little note i think yous really are creating beautiful ever lasting memories such a brave family and such beautiful kids your in my prayers beautiful Oisin xxx


  5. Uncle Andy says:

    Lovely read, Tiger Cill, Ninja Barry and Oisin looking particularly cool! Pleased Disney went well Xxxx. Joseph looking forward to see Oisin again in a few weeks.


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