Wednesday 29 October – I like driving in my car, boop boop beep beep!!

A day around the house yesterday and today – but with a very racy twist indeed. After making sock puppets before breakfast (thanks for those!), we collected the usual deliveries from the post man. Every day is Christmas around here these days. We got a humorous, creative and thoughtful gift from my friend, Claire. A layer of sweets (that sorts us for Halloween!), a layer of crafty stuff (that can add to our Boland box of fun), a very cool camera with case (Cilly wore it all morning around his shoulders, ready to snap the action), pots of slime and a whoopee cushion. Now anyone who is a parent can probably guess what the biggest hit was? Yes, friends, the whoopee cushion had the boys rolling around in hysterical laughter for a good few minutes. Thanks Claire.

So Oisin’s best bud, Calvin, came over for a play with their shared love of everything Lightening McQueen (thanks for the gorgeous personalised book). It was at this point we decided to open a very large parcel that arrived yesterday from England. Inside was a super snazzy sports car. I mean, guys, this was top of the range kids electronic car in sports blue and complete with boy racer radio!! What makes it very special indeed is that the car can be both manually driven but also remote control driven by mummy and daddy. Well thought out or what! The boys had great fun giving the car its first spin. A very VERY huge thank you to my mum and dad, Lisa and Andy, Uncle Dave and all the members of the extended family who contributed. Hope you get a laugh out of the first pics of the boys doing a test drive!

We had a few more visits today and want to wish the very best of luck and good fun to Katie and her family with her Irish Dancing. A lovely bouquet of flowers arrived from Margaret. Sandra and Kevin, great to see you as always and thanks for the distilled water for the bubble tube (from Auntie Edel.) After another fulfilling day, the boys cuddled up for a story in the sensory room, which is starting to take shape (Jenna, the sparkly glitter ball looks amazing with all the coloured lights.) As we were reading the story, in came Catherine and Tom to give the boys two little Disney Dwarfs. So now we have Sneezy and Dopey sitting snugly in the sensory room too. Lovely!

Good night all xx

Car outsideCilly in sports car Calvin and Oisin in sports car

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2 Responses to Wednesday 29 October – I like driving in my car, boop boop beep beep!!

  1. Christina Mulligan says:

    Thanks again for a lovely day 💞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. David Brooks (Uncle Dave) says:

    Glad the car has gone down well. Love you all. Uncle Dave.


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