Friday 31 October – Sparklers, bonfires, songs and treats!

Happy Halloween Everyone. In Ireland Halloween is celebrated in style. Kids perform for their treats and no child misses out on Puca (pronounced “Pooka.”)

The day started with the usual parcel deliveries. Louise sent a lovely Halloween pack with plenty of glowing and spooky creative fun inside (Louise you totally need to start up your own make and do company.) We got a gorgeous “Elmo” robo-puppet from Father Jerry and his extended family in Chicago (second Cousin who married us). We read some adorable cards from Alec and Adam. Then we bundled out of the door straight after the porridge to get ourselves down to Enable Ireland for our first Hydrotherapy session. The session was a big hit with the boys and a really wonderful way for us all as a family to spend time together with no interruptions. What fun we had for the best part of an hour. We were laughing so much at our water babies climbing up onto this big, wobbly, red float and taking big jumps into the water.  A therapy for us all.

We drove back from Hydro and had a very special visit from Caroline, a lady who observed Oisin and his interactions with me and others for an hour a week throughout the first 18 months of his life. Oisin is our first child. For me, it was an intense time because Oisin arrived into this world five weeks early. Caroline saw it all and it was a presence that was therapeutic in itself. At the end of her observation, Caroline put together the most beautiful account of those 18 months, complete with pictures. I will treasure the book you made forever, Caroline.

After lunch the boys went around the garden on the new pony. I can tell you that Oisin named him, “Mr Grey!”

Time rolled on and we started to put up the Halloween decorations. It wasn’t long before our first visitors rang the door bell and out came Granny’s witches mask to frighten all the children. We got them all to sing and Cillian made his singing debut with “Oats and beans and barley grow” a song he loves from one of the CDs we play in the car.  Meanwhile Grandad got a bonfire going and the children swirled some sparklers around. We headed down the lane on a Puca walk and called in at Eileen’s house. We got a great surprise when we saw all the family were over and all the children were dressed up. We stayed a while and listened to all the children giving their all with some very talented performances (Seriously, Britain’s got Talent was nothing on these kids). There was dancing, singing, magic and even joke telling. Cillian demanded to sing his little Oats and Beans song and then demanded to sing it again when he saw the competition heating up! So up he stood, bold as 2yr old brass, to sing his song again and needed little encouragement to continue on to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep. It made me remember the last time our boys sang Baa Baa Black Sheep. It was when we visited Mitchelstown Caves during the summer, before all of this, and Oisin sang the song deep down in the heart of the caves to the delight of all the tourists.

The sleepy boys arrived home with their bellies full of sweets. Pyjamas went on and Uncle Bren invited the boys to put the fish in the new bubble tubes up in the sensory room. We all went up to watch them as they dropped the fish into the colourful tubes. We sat as a family for a while, each with our own thoughts, watching the colourful bubbles and fish glide up and down.

Good night all xxx

Oisin and Cilly ahlloween 2014 IMG_0580 IMG_0564 IMG_0554 IMG_0549 IMG_0545 IMG_0519 IMG_0507

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2 Responses to Friday 31 October – Sparklers, bonfires, songs and treats!

  1. Fiona Ringholz says:

    Wow guys the bonfire sounded like a ball!


  2. julie meehan says:

    Samhain blessings dear Bolands xxx


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