Sunday 2 November – Bake Sale and Cinema fun

More fun again today. Up and out early to Mass in Ballymore. Who would have thought a girl from Yorkshire would end up at Monsignor Wilson’s Mass in Ballymore-Eustace, let alone be finding myself at a bake sale taking place in honor of Oisin. What a lovely community of people you are in Ballymore. A great effort was made from the ladies serving the tea and cakes to the beautiful painting that was donated for the raffle to the symbolic, colourful butterflies decorating the walls. We are very pleased to tell you that the money raised will all be going back into the Make a Wish Foundation so that other families like ours will continue to have their wishes made possible.

We waved farewell to the Ballymore-Eustace parish and headed off to the new super duper student centre in UCD. All of Barry’s former colleagues put a lot of effort into organising a cinema showing exclusively for Oisin and his friends. Well the cinema was packed out with UCD staff and their families, Harry and his family (really very nice for us to see you and learn how Harry is getting on) and the usual Dun Laoghaire possy (excusing Rita and Gareth who recently introduced their little boy Alex into the world – congrats guys. Ella must be thrilled she can put bows in his hair and mother him in the same way she once did with Oisin LOL :)).  I laughed my way through Despicable Me 2. Oisin got a good few giggles out of it too – usually when someone slipped or the word “bottom” was mentioned! Cilly slept his way through it (gave mammy a wee break). Then what a treat afterwards –  some of the former staff of UCD had set up a series of interactive science displays for the kids. Who says science isn’t cool!! Cilly and Oisin particularly enjoyed watching the hair dryer blow the ball in the air and launching sling shot rockets into the air.  Great to see everyone and thanks for all the hard work you put into organising this.

Oisin seemed really well today. We try so hard to balance his well being  and energy levels with all of these experiences he is having. It is a fine balance at times so it is always a big relief to us when an event comes together well, as it did today.

One more thing. Just a week after we sighted a butterfly in Eleanor’s house we have another one fluttering around in our house here in Ballymore this evening. Same type. A Red Admiral. 🙂

Good Night xxx

IMG_0594 IMG_0613 IMG_0606 IMG_0605 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0601 IMG_0604 IMG_0590 Holding hands with max

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9 Responses to Sunday 2 November – Bake Sale and Cinema fun

  1. Maeve says:

    The butterfly picture is beautiful. I would love one of those!


  2. Fiona Ringholz says:

    I have to say it was nice to see Oisin laughing his head off at the beginning of the movie to the slapstick humour! Ramsbottom versus sheeps butt… As always he is ahead of the pack in understanding the play on words and the slapstick humour behind the fart guns etc. 🙂


  3. Marie Tierney says:

    Dearest Sheila, your blog is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing . You are a very strong lady . The picture of the butterflies are lovely. My thoughts are with you and your family x Marie


  4. Brian and Sinead Cooke says:

    To Sheila, Barry, Oisin and Cilly, thanks so much for including Harry and his sisters in the cinema day in UCD. We were honoured to share the experience with you and were delighted to see you all for the first time since we left Temple Street. During the time our sons shared in St Gabriel’s, I recall reading a story to Oisin and Harry one night, and seeing Oisin asleep in Sheila’s arms will stay with me for life. What a beautiful little boy he is.


  5. julie meehan says:

    The Butterfly Consciousness is touching so many individuals and communities thanks to Oisin and all you Bolands. So beautiful that you now have a physical butterfly present in Ballymore. Makes my heart flutter.
    Love the Butterfly pic too!


  6. Cristian says:

    Great to hear you are having fun! There was writer inside you Sheila, the blog is great! Big hug from Argentina for the 4 of you. It’s getting warm here in case you fancy a beach holiday 😉


  7. garetho says:

    Glad you guys had a great time! Thanks for the congrats, yep Ella is a great big sister. She helps with putting on his clothes, changing his nappy and is constantly kissing him! Great to hear that Oisin was in good form, the Dun Laoghaire guys were saying the same. We’re up for the fun planned for next week so see you soon 🙂


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