Friday 7 November – Back to the farm with a splash!

The last 3 days have been spent in Cork. We had such a settled and calm time. There is a real beauty to the county and we were very fortunate to enjoy some mild and sunny weather.  After our beach day we slept very well back in our familiar beds. The next morning Cilly tried out the new pop up tent the boys got from Jo and Philip. They also sent a Fireman Costume, which was incredibly well timed for an event that happened later in the day…. But for now, on  with morning time. We wanted to visit Oisin’s pre-school. Barry walked there with Oisin. I cycled Cilly on the back of my bike around the marina in Blackrock. It was another very sunny and beautiful morning along the marina. We met daddy and Oisin at the pre-school and all the children crowded around, very curious to meet us and see their friend again. Oisin’s pre-school teacher told us they had been asking about Oisin everyday. After that we went to Blackrock Castle and had a big yummy brunch. It’s one of our favourite local places for brunch with the boys and as usual, the salmon and spinach polenta tortilla’s didn’t disappoint!  In the afternoon we took a trip to Christina’s house where we met all of the mum friends I have made in Cork. The first thing I did was sneak out of the car with the fireman costume and got Charlotte to dress up in it and hide in a box that was addressed to Oisin c/o Calvin’s house. (You see, earlier that day Oisin had made the unusual request of having Fireman Sam posted to Calvin’s house.) We asked Oisin to open a strange, large parcel that had come for him. As he lifted the lid he got a big surprise as Fire girl Charlotte popped out. Mission accomplished!  What do you think the kids had most fun playing with? Yes the cardboard box of course! Triona had picked up some gorgeous butterfly light catchers that Cilly enjoyed painting. The biggest treat of the day for Oisin was when Calvin agreed to lend his Lightening McQueen cars to Oisin for a few days (He is taking very good care of them Calvin. Grandad got him the same ones from Smyths the next day and it’s pretty much all Oisin plays with right now :)) The boys were so content running around Christina’s house with their buddies. It felt like old times, girls xxx

We took it easy the next morning and got out the Boland box of fun to make slime and decorate a table cloth with glue, glitter and anything the boys could get their hands on! We took a little trip to the animal rescue centre down the road. After meeting the dogs, cats and reptiles the boys were very ready for a nap. We were so tired we all ended up in bed until Granny and Grandad arrived ready to take over and let me and Barry go off to meet our work mates. Barry met with his department and I met with mine. It was so hard to see you all at first, Inniscarraig crew, but I really appreciated seeing you and spending time with you guys. Thanks and I hope we will be back again. 🙂

It was off back up to Ballymore on a very wet evening. The boys were in great form after their Cork trip. I think they really needed the trip back home to Cork. We feel confident that we can do it again if Oisin stays as well as he has been doing.  Blackrock Hall – I know I missed you this time. I couldn’t face going in to the building, there are so many people in there I know, but I thought of you all so much. I still think of all the people who were seeing me for therapy and wonder how they are doing.

Back in Ballymore we have been catching up with our post. Jayne, Tina and the Cobh/Glanmire team – I opened your card today and read all of your thoughtful messages. It’s nice to know you are all thinking of us and Oisin. I was bowled over by your donation. Big hug to you all. I fondly remember our team meetings in JD’s office. They were such a laugh once I got used to them!! Wishing you all love and hope you are wrapping up very warm over there in the beautiful, big old convent!

We received a beautiful bunch of flowers from Fran, Nick and the lab over in Oxford where Barry used to work. Very thoughtful and we really appreciate you thinking of us. Interestingly, Fran’s lab dedicate their work to researching childhood life limiting conditions. Valuable work that Barry was fortunate to be a part of and I know it means a lot to him to keep his connection to you all xx

We received 2 gorgeous cuddly creatures who gobble up worries. They are German made. One creature is called Biff and one is called Schnulli.  I do hope the sender is reading this and can let us know who sent them. They are adorable.

This morning we are back to the farm with a splash as we had another Hydro session at Enable Ireland. It was great to bump into my old colleague, Fiona, in the pool too. Speaking of which, we saw the big boxes that had arrived whilst we were away. Sure enough inside were the most fabulous sensory items for the boys to enjoy (and us too!) They’ve been chilling out the whole household for the last few hours since opening the boxes! A truly thoughtful gift, friends. Warm warm thanks to you all. We are all getting very excited about meeting Reuben on Monday. xxx

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3 Responses to Friday 7 November – Back to the farm with a splash!

  1. Tina says:

    Sheila it was so good to see you. Thanks for meeting us, your time is so busy and precious. Loving all your beautiful writing xx


  2. Christina Mulligan says:



  3. jane says:

    I love reading your blog Sheila. Its so inspirational but at the same time I can get a sense of the pain you are going thru. Glad that Oisin is doing so well at present. Yes, we are well wrapped up in the beautiful but at times very cold convent!!!


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