Monday 10 November – Reuben Rocks!!!!!

The last two days have been spent with some very special friends of mine – my longest friends from over in Yorkshire, from our days of hormones, spots, crazy hair styles and chasing boys around shopping centres on saturdays when we had nothing else in the world to concern us more. We are all grown up now and have our own kids. We continue to share a warmth and connection that links me to my routes in Yorkshire, my original and most special home; where plain talking is valued as much as gravy and putting t’ kettle on! Great idea to create 4 seasons in two days and generally wonderful to have you both over – big hugs, Zoe and Lorna. xx

Today was a super fun day as it was the day that Reuben came to entertain the kids. What a performance he put on. Reuben absolutely rocked! He was as daft as a brush, mad as a bag of spiders and as crazy as a box of frogs. He said the word poo, he made things appear from behind the children’s ears, he played a kazoo, he had the kids play with some quirky puppet creatures and he wobbled his glasses up and down. It was a delight to see Oisin and Reuben connect through their shared humour. We saw the life within our beautiful boy shine so brightly. He belly laughed his way through the entire show and we all got to see that beautiful smile and hear that infectious giggle that he has always been so well known for among his friends. Reuben did all of this for free. What a very compassionate man you are, and thank you for making our boy belly laugh again. Thank you also to Fi and all of her friends and colleagues in Enable Ireland who organised this very special experience for us today. (Loving the butterflies too) xxx

I would like to leave you with a very beautiful image that was painted through the words of Caroline, the lady who spent 18 months observing Oisin for her psychotherapy training. You continue to make the most insightful observations, Caroline….”

“…….. although you are all upset there is something quite supportive and strengthening about you all being together.  It reminded me of a bird flying with huge wings where the family support network are the wings and when the bird is falling in sadness, the huge expanse of the wings make a downwards sweep and lift you all up at the same time.  I guess it could even be a beautiful butterfly too….

Good night, all the beautiful families. xxx

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4 Responses to Monday 10 November – Reuben Rocks!!!!!

  1. Fi O'Meara says:

    Sheila and Barry, it was a privilege to share today with you. It seemed as if Oisin’s humour and Reuben’s comedy just clicked! Oisin definitely had the biggest giggles today, and it was so lovely to see you all get a great laugh. And so nice to see all the support you have around you with family and friends, it’s like one big collective hug. Well done Reuben too
    Thanks xx Fi


  2. Edel says:

    Lovely few hours and wonderful to see all those little & not so little faces have a great giggle xx


  3. Debbie says:

    Looks like your beautiful boy had a great day so happy looking keep all those beautiful smiles coming your in my prayers little soldier xxx


  4. julie meehan says:

    The energy from this day feels palpable..I feel like I can hear Oisin’s belly laughs and that I have met Reuben personally!
    There is something so lovely and comforting being with friends that know you as long as lorna and Zoe, and you can see it in the snaps of all of you, just being you 🙂
    Caroline’s words are so evocative and so reflective of that breadth of love and support that surrounds you, thank you for sharing her insightful compassion with us all.
    On our way home today the light was so clear and almost ethereal: it seemed fitting to be leaving Ballymore and you all in that Light after the deluge. Thank you dear Bolands ( and a big thank you from Clari for merida, she is a big hit)
    Butterfly blessings to you all xxx


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