Monday 17 November – Planting bulbs for Spring

I’m conscious that the frequency of my writing has slowed a little lately.  It reflects the pace of life as it quietens to a steady day to day rhythm. Oisin has been the same for weeks with little decline. He can still laugh, walk, play with his cars, eat and sleep. We are into about 7 weeks post diagnosis. Given he was predicted around 6-8 weeks we are incredibly grateful for every day he stays well. If I can hear and see him laugh at even just one thing each day that is enough to keep me going.

Julie and her beautiful girls visited on Thursday. I hope Clari’s boots dried out after all the splashing around in the puddles!  I posted a gorgeous pic of Clari below, with her “treasure!”

Joseph and my sister came to visit on Saturday and once again Joseph proved to be a tonic for Oisin. We got much more than one giggle out of Oisin on that day! Cilly seemed to really bond with Joseph too, as they shared time bouncing light up balls and chickens in the bubble room. Joseph really liked the room. He called it the “glow” room – good name for it I think.

Nice to see Alan and Monique over the weekend too. Big hug to the girls. Glad you stopped by and shared a bowl of homemade soup. We send our love and thoughts to little baby Aidan and his family. xxx

Today we received a very special parcel from my friend Ellie over in Yorkshire. She had been searching for a gift that Oisin might not have yet – believe me it’s getting hard! Cilly’s gift is on the way but Oisin was made a very happy boy indeed this morning, as he opened his parcel to find “Chick Hicks” and “The King” inside – yes more Disney cars to add to his growing collection. Well those cars have not left his palms all day. They went with him in the car to Yvonne and Colm’s house this afternoon, where we planted bulbs for Spring and saw their wonderful new shed/den for the boys and Roisin.

I was in touch with my Kundalini Yoga community recently and got a very comforting reply from my Yoga teacher, Miriam. Kundalini is a very special form of yoga that combines physical postures with chanting and breath work. It is a way of life and a very personal and spiritual practice for me.  Miriam sent me a “mother’s blessing” that I can say to Oisin. I wanted to share it with you and have posted it under the help and resources section along with other mantras and kundalini yoga resources.

We have had not one, but two Red Admiral butterflies fluttering about our home again in the last few days. One was up in uncle Bren’s room and another was down in the sitting room.


WP_20141117_002WP_20141113_002 WP_20141113_003 WP_20141117_003

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7 Responses to Monday 17 November – Planting bulbs for Spring

  1. Anne ODonnell says:

    Hi Sheila,
    I’ve read your posts for the last few weeks but could never find anything remotely helpful to say, and I don’t think today is any different except to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. In your link to the kundalini chants you mentioned Snatam Kaur, and it struck a chord with me. I birthed my second boy to Ong Namo. I found so much strength in the chant that I hope it helps you too, although your challenge is so much more fierce. God bless you, your family and most of all your beautiful butterfly boy, Oisin.

    Anne O’Donnell, Dublin


  2. Fiona Ringholz says:

    Happy to hear that you’ve had a settled week 🙂


  3. Uncle Andy says:

    Joseph had a lovely time on Saturday as well. Lots of love xx.


  4. Julie Meehan says:

    Thank you for this post Sheils and for sharing the mother’s blessing on your resource page. Your generosity is infinite.
    Clari’s boots are indeed dry, with a few water marks : ) and she has become very fond of your Minnie Mouse socks!!


  5. lisa says:

    I loved seeing you Oisin and Cilly! I want you to come and live with me,
    love Cousin Joe
    ….and another amazing sighting of a butterfly in the house while we were all having tea last Saturday,
    XXX(Auntie Lisa)


  6. Ellie Reed says:

    I’m please Oisin loves his new cars , hope Cilly likes the other gift which will hopefully arrive soon.

    So glad to hear Oisin is continuing to do well and is still laughing and enjoying playing with his cars, friends and cousins. It’s a surreal situation but you both have an amazing attitude that’s for sure. Sending lots if love from Yorkshire x


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