Saturday 22 November – Imagine

It’s getting harder to think of a catchy title! “Imagine” was quite literally our trip out to Imagnisosity today with our friends. “Imagine” also reflects some thoughts. “Imagine” the possibilities for Oisin. He remains well. He has changed very little from the day we arrived home from hospital. We are within the 6-8 week mark since his diagnosis and now we are on the way to Christmas. Everyday from here on in is, for me, a true blessing. We are finding a wonderful way of connecting with Oisin. Through humour. It seems to speak to him more than anything and lifts his mood all the time.

I know many of you pray for Oisin and many of you meditate. Many are also sending him healing. I find myself on my own spiritual journey.  For a long time I have tried to get more of a meditation practice. I am always teaching individuals I work with therapeutically about mindfulness meditation and helping others to develop these skills. Now I am doing it more than I ever did. It is my form of praying. It is helping me to stay grounded, connected, centered in myself and in the present. I want to share this personal part of me because it might help in some way. Interestingly, I am writing this whilst watching an interview with a man talking about near death experiences and people’s accounts of life beyond death. I have been reading some books on this too, which are in the help and resources section. Again, maybe it might be of some value to blog this and put it out there. The word that returns to me again and again is very simply “compassion.” For oneself and for others. When we strip everything down that is what being human is for me. We just need to get all the other layers we pile up on top of it out of the way – especially fear.

Nice to see all the Dunlaoghaire gang again (and Sandra :)) esp. those of you I haven’t seen for such a long time. Good luck to Tarren with her move across the seas and for your contribution to making our days here beautiful. We will remain connected. Thank you to Tara and to Liz for working behind the scenes to give us this morning in Imaginosity for Oisin and his friends to enjoy. Oisin had great fun. Especially in the supermarket picking out the lobster!

It was nice to spend time with Edith and the boys in Russborough on Thursday – it’s fast becoming my favourite place to walk and the boys love the playground there. I remember with a smile when Edith was pushing me and Cilly on the basket swing and Cilly “imagined” we were travelling up to the moon to eat cheese and crackers with Mickey Mouse!! Guess what he had for a little snack when we got home?!

On Tuesday Donna and her family came all the way over from The Netherlands to visit. We had a really lovely time. So nice to see the kids growing up and settling well. Much love and looks like you got a warm welcome from Cork and all your friends there. Well timed with Calvin’s post-birthday celebrations too. We hope you continue to settle in Holland- never mind the pros and cons list, Donna, it looks like you are doing great!! xxx

I have had a few friends telling me about their own butterfly sightings. We can only imagine what they all mean. Enjoy the pictures of today and also some from Joseph and Lisa’s visit and from Grandad’s birthday (21 again!). xxx

.” Like the butterflies, it is as if everything is a message.

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3 Responses to Saturday 22 November – Imagine

  1. says:

    You & all your family are in my prayers, I’m so glad Oisin is doing well & I will keep praying that you all have a beautiful Christmas..together. It must be mad getting this email from a total stranger…..but I’m a former Ballymore woman….my name is Ciggie Quinn, used to be Davoren from Dowdenstown. I was at mass in BME recently & popped into the hall for some yummy goodies being sold there in the name of the butterfly boy I just wanted to say that I look forward to your blogs / updates & I wish you all well from the bottom of my heart you are all amazingly brave & the love shown by you & to you is magical. Thanks & I hope you don’t mind me emailing you……. In my thoughts, Ciggie 🙂

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  2. Rocky says:

    The wisdom of near-death experiences by Dr. Penny Sartorial. If you haven’t read it, it’s v interesting. I pray every day for your lil boy and for your lovely family. You are an example of love and strength.


  3. Rocky says:

    I meant Dr penny sartori, the corrector changed it


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