Sat 13 December – Making their way to the top of Santa’s NICE list

We have never seen Santa as much as we have this year. We saw him twice in Cork, once in Ballymore, once at the Aoibheann’s Pink tie party and then on Tuesday we saw him again in Palmerstown House, with much thanks and love to Grainne and Dave for organising and great to see Grace and Isobel (xxx). So now – that’s 5 Santa visits in 9 days. They HAVE to be at the top of Santa’s nice list by now, surely! Palmerstown house was a very fine venue. I very much enjoyed Mrs Claus reading her story by the cozy fire place. Oisin asked her his bright questions in his usual wonderful way and Cilly piped up and had a little chat with her too.  Of course Cilly will tell you his favourite part was the train and Oisin will tell you his favourite part was the hot chocolate at the end! There were some gorgeous reindeer and an enormous turkey in the barns on the way in too.

Since then we have had a few quieter days relaxing around the farm. It’s amazing what kinds of things you dream up to do for entertainment with the boys. Granny had the very lovely idea of taking the boys for a bus ride. Off we went on the number 65 double decker from Blessington, sitting right at the top of course.  We got off only to discover the restaurant we were going to have some lunch in was closed, it was raining and the only other building in site was an aquarium shop. Well, what a big adventure the visit turned out to be. The aquarium shop, though nothing to look at on the outside, turned out to be an Aladdin’s cave of a place inside. Very fitting of it’s name, “Aquatic Village” and what possibly made the place so unusual was the opinionated “dude” that was running the place and at 2 euro a pop gave us a few prawns to feed a tank of Piranhas!!!  There were more than just a few fish in there. Rows and rows of all kinds of fish and also reptiles, including a small crocodile (thankfully Cilly didn’t freak this time so it made for good exposure therapy!) We left with an experience we never bargained for and, much to the delight of our new pet fish, Mr Red and Goldie have received a tank upgrade! We will be back 🙂

On Friday we took another trip to Joeys and met with Yvonne, Sandra and Lisa (you may recall from previous blog she has the little girl who was also in Crumlin hospital). Sandra took a gorgeous pic of the boys with daddy. I was so incredibly warmed to see Oisin get through the whole of Joeys play area and down the slide, despite his difficulties walking now. His determination shone through him and his smiling face seemed to be saying, “Look! I can still do this!”

Today we got a very special visit from Grandma and Grandad from England.  So nice for the boys and my mum and dad to spend the time together. Oisín was in great form with them too, showing them all his cars and his lightening McQueen garage. His latest addition, “Daryl Cartrip” never left his hands (thanks Aunty Lisa!) Grandma had some fun doing some painting with the boys. Grandad was very helpful adding some finishing touches to the electric car they got him with Andy’s family (bro-in law) and getting the new fish tank up and running. The boys enjoyed putting the fish in their new home (the fish liked it too!) and we ended the day with dinner in the Ballymore Inn.

Also nice to see Aunty Máire, Aidan and Aine who all popped by during the week with their big warm hugs, plenty of fun and gifts for the boys. xxx

We are hoping to make a trip to Cork next week before Christmas. Oisín is still well in himself. It has been a tough week seeing him struggling more with his walking. Nothing can prepare us for these changes as they come along. Once again we have had to adapt to a new “norm.” Onwards we go.

Palmerstown Santa Express 20141212_125552

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One Response to Sat 13 December – Making their way to the top of Santa’s NICE list

  1. Julie Meehan says:

    Love the bus journey and you’re going with the flow (pun intended!) to aquatic village 🙂
    Big Love xxx


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