Wednesday 17 December – A Festive Welcome to Cork

Hi all. Hope you are getting there with the run up to Christmas. We have been in that headache of a toy shop (Oisin constantly requests it) yet again recently.  It is amazing what that toy shop can do to lift Oisin’s mood sometimes, so I can’t really knock it too much! Now Oisin has yet more fabulous disney cars to add to his enormous collection. We called into Enable Ireland on the way home and got a festive green walker for Oisin to use. He likes it and it gives him his independence around the home and short journeys. He is “Enabled” thanks to our lovely colleagues in Enable who have been brilliant. We even got some hooks to put a basket on for him to transport his beloved cars around.

Our final evening in Ballymore (before heading to Cork) was made magical as we went along to the Ballycane National School Christmas Carol Concert. The children sang their hearts out and donated a very generous collection to Enable Ireland. I look forward to presenting the money. I am honored to be giving back to an organisation that is so compassionate. Some of the families who attend are trying their best to love and care for a child or children that they, like us, will one day have to say goodbye to. During my own employment with Enable Ireland, I was always so struck by how respectful and person centered the service was. Enable Ireland absolutely deserve acknowledgement for their work.

We made a pre-Christmas trip to Cork today, after the boys helped some Elves with some Christmas packing in Newbridge!! Santa was there too (what visit number are we up to now?!).  We enjoyed a lunch out, said goodbyes to granny and grandad and off we went along our way. It looked like the Elves had been busy around our house in Cork when we arrived. Through the window we saw some glowing festive lights giving us a very warm welcome. We walked in and saw decorations, pretty candles, snow flakes, a gorgeous tree (avant garde will I call it?!) with butterflies, little wooden crafts and a disney car adorning it. On the table was a Christmas feast complete with candles, crackers and Christmas plates. What a beautiful warm welcome from my beloved friends in Cork – Thank you.

Here in Cork until Sunday. I will put the photos up later. I hear a little boy waking up…… xxx

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3 Responses to Wednesday 17 December – A Festive Welcome to Cork

  1. Fi O'Meara says:

    Sheila, lovely to hear your updates, and so delighted you all are making another trip back down to cork… And getting well looked after too by the sounds of it. I hope the walker is working out well for Oisin and is giving him back some independence. Your acceptance is beyond belief, and so inspiring. Thinking of you all everyday x


  2. Lisa lancaster says:

    Sheila & Barry,

    I’m delighted to read you are all in Cork for the Christmas – your friends really made the home coming special 🙂
    Wishing the 4 of you the most special Christmas ever xx
    Delighted to read Oisin is up and about on his new walker x
    Love lisa & Dara


  3. julie meehan says:

    What a great idea to hang a basket on Oisin’s walker for all the guys ( I’m assuming each car has his own personality, and they are in fact sentient beings 🙂
    A butterfly avant guard Christmas tree sounds cool! What a beautiful welcome home.
    Sorry we will miss you in Cork, but when I become very quiet, I can hear the faint flutter of wings, reminding me of our interconnectedness…
    Sheils, you have always spoken of enable’s compassion as an organisation, it is so lovely to hear that the energy continues to spiral and wrap its warmth around you all.
    Infinite blessings to all the Bolands and wiltons for the solstice and Christmas as the light begins to awaken xxxxxx


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