22 December – The run up to Christmas in Ballymore-Eustace

We arrived back from Cork today. We were sad to leave as we cannot say in what way we will be returning as the New Year chimes. Oisin finds the car uncomfortable. That said, the journey back to the loving home of his grandparents was much more tolerable for him than the tough journey we had down to Cork. We were singing Christmas carols as we pulled into the farm, little Cilly fresh from his nap was giving it loads on “Jingle Bells.”

I don’t think a day went by in Cork when Cilly didn’t bash out a tune on his musical instruments, be it Jingle bells on the xylophone, shaking his bells to twinkle twinkle. or blowing into his tin whistle with all his might!

Cork was an enjoyable family time, with the usual mixture of emotions. We had our therapeutic inputs from Raphaela (Sesame therapy) and Miriam, my Kundalini Yoga teacher, helping me and encouraging me to stay grounded. The boys responded well  to the “animal” bag that Raphaela brought again. They enjoyed hearing her story that was themed around Oisin’s beloved cars and Cilly’s beloved horses. Cilly seems to find many ways of expressing himself through the medium of drama, so I know this work will help as he is trying to make sense of his confusing, fragile world right now. My heart breaks for him.

We had the usual mum friends (the same ladies who beautifully decorated our home) over for a pre-christmas party. The kids got along really well as usual and got a great kick out of the Oisin castle. Loved the story of mum v elf at one of the Santa experiences – go mum!!

Oh and guess what, once again we met Santa. Now how many are we up to. 11? He came to a University College Cork Christmas party and Barry got to catch up with some work friends. Me too, earlier in the day. Great to see a few of you in the usual coffee hide out! I didn’t get to see my friends and colleagues in Blackrock Hall. I thought of you so much and wish you all a very peaceful Christmas.

We had a beautiful, blustery, misty day at Garretstown beach in Kinsale. We met our friends and warmed up with a tasty brunch in the beach cafe. What a fab and homely place! The day was on a good footing from the outset because Oisin knew he was going to Calvin’s house for dinner that same evening. Oisin had a fun time creating more moments with his best buddy and it made for a very relaxing evening.

So all in all we have built yet more memories as the time marches on towards Christmas. We met Barry’s brother (Niall) and sister in-law (Izzy) this evening. Their little boy Tom was delighted to be over to check out all of the toys and despite a day of travel, their youngest little chap, Teddy, smiled away in daddy’s lap after our dinner together.

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9 Responses to 22 December – The run up to Christmas in Ballymore-Eustace

  1. Nicola mulligan says:

    Hi Sheila & Barry, Nicola here Christina’s sister, was lovely seen use over the weekend , was lovely playing with Oisin and seen him and so much fun and laughing loads! Hope yous have a lovely Christmas! Xx

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  2. Fi O'Meara says:

    Thanks for the beautiful update again Sheila. Merry Christmas to you all, thinking of the 4 of you AT&T his special time.
    lots of love xx


  3. Fi O'Meara says:

    Sorry at this special time… Funny auto correct!!

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  4. Ellie Reed says:

    Merry Xmas to you all. Hope the the little ones enjoy even more toys on xmas day…your place must be like Sandra’s grotto now?!?? Sending you lots of love and strength. Ellie xx

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  5. Uncle Andy says:

    Give those little fellas a big hug from Uncle Andy, Auntie Lisa, Joseph and Annie. Our thoughts are with you guys this Christmas Xxxxxx.

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  6. FionaL says:

    Hi Sheila and Barry, I have been following your very moving blog. I used to live beside Barry years ago, before Ballymore. I wanted to tell you about something amazing that happened at the Moat panto a couple of weekends ago that immediately made me think of Oisin. As the cast were singing O Night Divine a red butterfly flew onstage and landed on a carol singers scarf. The butterfly stayed there for the entire song. I thought of Oisin and how incredible it was to see this in December. Thinking of you this Christmas. Fiona.

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  7. niamh mcgough says:

    Hi Sheila,
    You and your family are so full of strength and grace, you are an inspiration. Sending you so much love and every blessing this Christmas.
    Lots of love,
    Niamh, John and Annie x

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  8. Frances Fitzell says:

    Wishing you all a very happy and special christmas. Hope Oisin and his little brother Cilly enjoy all the excitement that these days bring. 🎅 keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Frances

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  9. Gillian says:

    Hi, I love reading your posts although they are heartbreaking. Can’t stop thinking about your family and little Oisin. Mr Boland taught my son Dylan in Ballymore. Dylan also had a brain tumour from which he has recovered after very severe treatment. I know you have decided not to treat Oisin as there is no known cute for dipg. However I have read a lot about the viral causes of brain tumours and was wondering if you could try antiviral treatment. It is not as harsh as chemo or radiation and has had good results for other brain tumours. I have been told the treatment is Valcyte, usually 900mg daily, continually. I have a contact in the USA if either of you want to talk to him. Best wishes to all of you for Christmas and every day. You are all very brave and I will keep you on my prayers every day.

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