Wednesday 4 November – Plushy time again!

Today Cilly wanted to make a dragon fly “plushy”. Here it is!


Then later this evening I had a look at what we were doing this time last year. Strangely enough we were also making plushy’s with Maeve, who taught us how to do them!! It was our first trip back to Cork since Oisin was diagnosed. Here is an exerpt..

“Today we spent the day by the sea at our very favourite places, Myrtleville  and Crosshaven. The sun glistened and the boys kicked off the shoes and socks and seemed to run so freely and happily in the sand and water. We met up with Suzanne for brunch in Crosshaven and then called up to Maeve’s house who was there with the girls. Oisin and Cilly loved seeing Albert again, the tortoise with attitude, and I think Maeve and I had the most fun of everyone with the “plushy” making!  Boys went to bed very early after their day, but not before enjoying the treats Orla left for them. We had our final  visitors, Jo and Philip, stop by and now the hatches are firmly battened down on another emotional, beautiful, tiring day. Words can’t always accurately describe the personal impact of our experiences. We simply continue on, like riding the ocean waves, and its all we can do for now. Good night all. xxx

It was a sad day gain today. I noticed how the disbelief of having our incredible little boy gone from this world, can still rise from within like a volcano.  xxx

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2 Responses to Wednesday 4 November – Plushy time again!

  1. Julie Meehan says:

    Blessings Sheila, Mama Plushy x


  2. Lisa says:

    Joe has a book out from school at the moment on butterflies……wanted to share with you one of the lines at the front of the book……’Nothing stays the same in life, each day is different. If it wasn’t for change there would be no butterflies.’ It reminded us both of little Oisin. We are always thinking of you


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