Very simply, this blog site is all about making every day beautiful for a child, like our amazing boy Oisin, who we know will only be with us for a very short time. The site is newly born but we hope it will be a place where people can come and find out how Oisin is getting on and read about the wonderful experiences he is packing in to his short life.

It is also to become a place of help and support and ideas for others in our situation. If you know of anyone going through a similar experience to us, then please share with them our link to this site.

Thank you to all our friends and family for your unending support xxx


6 Responses to About

  1. Elaine says:

    Sheila and Barry, It’s Elaine, Luke and Ella’s mum. I am heartbroken to hear the news of Oisin’s illness. I only met you maybe a month ago and everything was fine. This blog is so inspiring and I am sending all my best wishes and support to and your whole family in dealing with this. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


  2. Jenna says:

    I’ve just changed jobs, my old colleagues asked what I’d like for a leaving gift. I asked them to make a donation, which I believe they have done. They are all tremendously moved by Oisin’s story and inspired by your strength.


    • Hi Jenna that’s lovely thank you for holding him in your thoughts. Please tell me all about your new job and what lead to leaving old one.

      Hope it is a move that works well for you.

      Much love

      Sheila xxx

      Sheila 0863668874


  3. Gaenor speer says:

    Hi guys I was wondering if I could make contact for a chat. My dear friends lost their beautiful boy Finlay at the age of 9 to DIPG in Jan of 2014 and we all miss him so much. His mum and dad have set up a charity called Finlay’s fighters and as part of a fund raising event a group of cyclists are cycling from cranleigh ,England next week to Dunfanaghy in Donegal to raise money and awareness of dipg. Finlay would come with his family and spend every summer in Donegal and on the new years eve when asked what were his best days he said to his mum” any day in Donegal ” so that’s why they are doing this cycle. I thought having read your story they may be someone you could make contact with as they know the journey you had all too well. Jude and Chris have raised over 100,000 for research and have supported the care teams at the royal Marsden. They are currently helping fundraise with another charity called Abbie’s army, who too lost s little girl. So maybe if we got to make contact you could contact Jude and chris if you would like. Luv to you and your family, Gaenor xx


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