Many of you have been donating and fundraising ever since they heard about Oisin’s DIPG diagnosis. We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Brain Tumour Ireland and sent the majority the money we received directly to them. We have a good relationship with the founders of the charity, who are family people that were directly affected by the loss of a loved one to a brain tumour. We consult with Brain Tumour Ireland on where the money will go and both Barry and I have many ideas for the future. We want the donations to be directed into research and well-being. On the research front we are currently funding  a biobank facility  of human brain tumour biopsies, which will set the foundation for Irish researchers to investigate and collaborate with international researchers. 


Please keep checking the Brain Tumour Ireland website for fundraising events and contact details. You may also contact us with any ideas you have.

Other organisations that have benefited from money raised have been:

Money was also put into our personal campaign to make everyday beautiful for Oisin although most of this turned out to be free. This is thanks to friends and strangers alike who simply wanted to play a part in seeing a big smile on Oisin’s face. As a result of your generosity and compassion, he met firefighters who drove him around in a real fire engine, went flying the skies in a private plane, partied with his closest friends, laughed his way through Reuben’s show, was dazzled by magicians, came up close and personal with reptiles, cuddled up to Mickey Mouse, met Lightening McQueen, dug big holes in the ground in a JCB, sped around a race track, went hunting through a wood for pumpkins, and opened a new parcel almost every day… you name it he did it!  You made it all possible and he most certainly did have a beautiful day EVERY day even up until his final day. 

Sheila and Barry xx


4 Responses to Donations

  1. Fi O'Meara says:

    Hi Sheila.

    All of your old colleagues at Enable Ireland in Wicklow want to support you, Barry and family in any way we can. We are organising a Fundraising Butterfly Gathering on Killiney beach on Saturday 25th at 3.30. It is a get-together to celebrate loved ones, and have a bit of fun. We are still coming up with ideas but anything butterfly-themed is welcome… Kite flying, face painting, butterfly cakes!! If you and family can come all the better, but if not we will send you on all the proceeds… And of course lots of pics, and love and support too!

    Fi x


  2. Bridie Faherty says:

    Hi Shiela, My daughter and son-law are now walking the same road as you and your husband, their wee boy was diagnosed with D.I.P.G in April, I have read your story, and oh my God, it is so like ours..we are the grandparents that came home….and it goes on, there is no need for me to go into any more of it, you know it all. Our son who lives in England has been in touch with this org called Funding Neuro, who in turn fund raise for Bristol Uni ( Neuro ) who apparently this year are making some break through with DIPG, (unfortunately it will probably be too late for our little man). We with the help of a lot of friends we are going to do a fund raiser for this programme in Sept and I was wondering if maybe ye might like to be involved, if you don’t want to be, I will compleatly understand, Wishing you both peace.


    • Bridie, thanks for your post and I’m very sorry to hear about your grand child. We are here and we can share a space with you any time. My husband is aware of the programme in Bristol being a scientist himself. You might like to talk with him. Feel free to post me your email address and we can keep in touch. With love and blessings xxx


      • Bridie Faherty says:

        Shiela, Thank you for your prompt reply. I am forwarding on my email; I would be very interested in your husbands thoughts on the clinical trials in Bristol, if he is happy to share these with us.
        Again thanking you. Bridie.


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