Making each day beautiful campaign

This area is to post all of your ideas for how we can make each day beautiful. You have already been doing this on facebook. Here are some of the ideas in motion already….

Vintage car ride – last weekend thanks to George Tutty and his friend. Oisin LOVES cars!

Fire Engine Experience – happening tomorrow thanks to Team Houston!

Opening up the Disney store and theatre experience – Next Wednesday 15th thanks to Magda, her friend Tarren, Andrea and all the staff at the Disney Store.

Reptile man comes to Ballymore! – Next Thursday thanks to Cork friends!

Eurodisney 19-22 October – Thanks to Make a Wish Foundation.

A few people are organising suprisees that will come to Oisin in Ballymore so keep a look out for the diary entries on those!

Others have suggested all the wonderful simple ideas for those days at home such as art and baking projects, fun experiments with bubbles and speakers, camp fires, tents, kicking the leaves and splashing in puddles. Great ideas guys!

Some ideas are themed around the seasons and bringing Oisin four seasons in one day (loving it , Zoe Philips!).

More in the pipe line include a hydrotherapy pool and there may be another car experience coming along.


8 Responses to Making each day beautiful campaign

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Hello Sheila and family,
    I saw your blog via a friend of yours and as a mother of two young boys (4 and nearly one) I was drawn to read Oisin’s story. I’m so sorry to hear of your story and send you thoughts and wishes from my family to yours. I was thinking of the things that I would like to do if I was faced with the same scenario so here goes…

    A ride in the cab of a steam train

    Pony trekking on the beach

    Bringing Christmas early, meeting Santa and his real reindeers, drinking hot chocolate in a cosy room filled with a huge real Christmas tree, stockings, music and a big Turkey lunch with all the family

    Make a clay plaque of all the family’s hand prints that can be framed

    Have a professional photo shoot

    Have a picnic in a treehouse

    Ride on a speedboat or River cruise

    Visit the Giants Causeway

    Ride on cable cars at Needles

    Have a ride in a tractor

    Have a fireworks party, Bbq, candy floss

    Hope you all enjoy every day with your beautiful boy x

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  2. Yvonne Campbell says:

    Hey Sheils,

    The girls in Bookclub have been deeply moved by Oisín’s story and have suggested the following:

    Santa Express in Palmerstown House see

    Halloween experience in Donadea Forest Park

    Petting Zoo in Rosmini (St Joseph’s)

    Party in Imaginosity

    Trip to The Ark e.g.

    Puppet Show or Pantomime in Gaeity

    Tayto Park visit (Ashbourne – Conor and Eoin loved this – including the package of crisps!)

    W5 Belfast and Titanic visit (Conor and Eoin got great craic out of W5 – science museum which is really interactive, more so than Titanic, though there are lots of pictures of ships for boys)

    And the simple joys of bath-time, story time, arts and crafts, snuggle time, dressing up games, blindman’s bluff, musical chairs or dance competitions, stickers, charts, balloons, bubbles, free visits to Art Gallery, IMMA, Kilmainham Jail, Castles (big hits!)

    A big hit for our Conor is the writing of his own ‘book’. He has a hard-backed copy and on one page he draws a picture (his illustration) and on the other he writes Chapter 1, and a few sentences, then next page, a picture, and next Chapter 2, and a few sentences….He has been doing this in different copies for a few years, only now they are sentences we can read. But no matter, he loves it and we’ve loads of keepsakes, and funny pictures to enjoy forever xxxx

    And needless to say, our boys and Róisín are happy to join you for any of these activities


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  3. Marco says:

    Hi all,

    If in Dublin here a nice place to be:

    The park is big and nice and the activities carried out in it make the day like a dream!

    Marco and Lorena


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  5. My wonderful art therapy friend sent me these really fun and mad ideas…


    (the best memories mine have had really involve simple day-to-day stuff made a little ‘crazy’)

    The dirtier the better
    • Mess making
    • Painting the walls
    • Finger painting, painting whole body (in bath or kitchen)
    • Face-painting on each other
    • Making mud cakes (with muck and soil from garden, decorations found in nature) – get your feet into the muck too!!!
    • Baking biscuits and cakes (real ones), decorating them together

    • Cape Clear – going by boat, staying in the b and b (both very special)
    • Seeing Funghi in Dingle
    • Staying in a tent by the sea

    Other ideas
    • Sleeping in the living room together, fire lit, tv night (as many films as they can bear)

    • Whole family stays in bed for the day, including meal times

    • Upside down days (incl. eating dinner in the morn and breakfast in the eve, eating desert before main course; the messier the bedroom the better; getting yourself dirty rather than clean; eating unhealthy stuff – avoid healthy) The book by Raymond Briggs ‘Fungus the Bogeyman gives great ideas for this, I can give it to you if you don’t have it, we have it on attic

    • Family drawings, one big sheet or on the wall, everyone joins in (sometimes sticker books can help, include stickers into drawing, there are some great unusual and funny ones in Joyce’s toy shop in Princes street)

    • Night walks with torches, looking and listening out for animals

    • Making a photo album/scrapbook together (lots of tactile things, e.g. handprints, noseprints, using various materials)


  6. Elaine says:

    Hi Sheila,Happy Christmas to you and your


  7. Nora Crowley Barry says:

    I think about you all every day and pray that each day continues to bring something beautiful .Its wonderful to see Oisins ongoing sense of fun and strength .Its clear where that comes from.Thank you again for your wonderful blog.


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