Sunday June 21 – For Daddys. Our Heroes.

A father’s day tribute to Barry and to fathers everywhere


Oisin with his Daddy. The beginnings of a very special bond.

This is a difficult day for fathers who have had to say goodbye to a child. You go through every father’s day with a pain in the heart.  As a tribute to you all, I bring to you once more the blog post that captured how a father is seen through the eyes of a child……

One evening I was massaging Oisin’s feet and he said, “Why does the penguin sing the lovely song?” We realised he was talking about a film we saw called “Happy Feet 2″ over the Christmas period.  The scene Oisin is referring to is when a little boy penguin, maybe Oisin’s age, sings a heart felt song . He is asking the giant elephant walrus to help reunite a stranded part of their penguin colony. Daddy looked the song up on you tube and played it to Oisin as I massaged his feet ….

“After all you have done

You really deserve better
Nothing makes sense in this world
It’s all a big pile of crazy
And the kings are all fools
Where is the honor when a solemn promise
Is just a pretty lie
And the mighty mock the courage
Of the humble
Although he’s just an ordinary penguin
My daddy taught me
You don’t need to be colossal
To be a great heart
You don’t need to fly
To be awesome
My Hero
My father…

–Erik’s Opera, “Happy Feet 2″

I wept as I listened and rubbed Oisin’s “happy feet.” Only a few weeks ago Oisin picked out a Superman t-shirt to buy daddy…….  How extraordinary that Oisin guided us to the song in that particular moment. All of my boys (great and small) are heroes to me, especially Oisin.”

To my beautiful husband and father, Barry. To my own “great heart” father. To father’s everywhere. You are the heroes for your children. You don’t need to be colossal. All you need is your great heart. May your children always see the heroes that you truly are.   We LOVE you. 

Sheila x

I thank you Oisin again for your guidance in this tribute. The way you always bring to us such wisdom in just a few simple words. It touches my heart deeply, beautiful butterfly boy.

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2 Responses to Sunday June 21 – For Daddys. Our Heroes.

  1. lisa worrillow says:

    Me Joe and Annie were listening to this song from Happy Feet 2 on youtube over the weekend before I had even seen this recent post……….for exactly the same reason. I love this tribute to Barry from Oisin, Lisa xxx


  2. Uncle Andy says:

    Listened to your radio show today with cousin Joseph. Will never forget my Yorkshire shamrock. From one father to another, take care, love to my other Yorkshire shamrock xxxxxx.


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