15 October – Lightening McQueen Invites Oisin to open Disney store and later a trip to the Zoo

Thanks to the hard work of Magda’s friend, Tarren, we had a complimentary night at the Bewley’s hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin last night. This morning we were taken in a taxi to the Disney store on Grafton street where Lightening McQueen had invited Oisin and Cilly to open the store. They were given a huge key to turn in a lock and the store was magically opened. Once inside the shopping frenzy began and mum and dad got hit with a very large bill! For Cilly it was all about Mickey Mouse and for Oisin it was all about Cars. On the top floor a message came up in a screen saying “First Visit, Oisin” and Oisin was presented with a card from Lightening himself.

We met some friends later and went around Dublin Zoo. The rain made sure that the zoo was nice and quiet and we were all well wrapped up and ready to see all the tigers, reptiles, elephants and monkeys. Highlights were seeing the tigers sleeping right in front of us (they are sooo big), three baby elephants and Cilly freaking out at the crocodile (poor little guy got an awful fright.)

Tired and weary on return to Ballymore,  but a warm welcome and a glass of wine for mummy helped things pick up a little more.

Sweet dreams,

Sheila xx

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One Response to 15 October – Lightening McQueen Invites Oisin to open Disney store and later a trip to the Zoo

  1. Maeve says:

    Sounds like a busy day! Yup you deserved that glass of wine 😉 I remembered Santi & I going to the zoo with you and Oisin. If I remember correctly a cow give Oisin a fright with his loud moos. That image still makes me laugh 🙂 xx


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